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Wellness & Self-Care Coaching for Women


My journey of healing from chronic pain, emotional eating and environmental illness led me to a fulfilling career in massage therapy, energy healing and wellness coaching.


Now, having retired from massage, I share the wisdom and insights that made me a 5-star rated massage therapist and energy healer 2007-2020.


I also share the powerful self-care, nutrition and meditation practices that helped me manage chronic pain and get into fitness-model shape, by eating and exercising for better brain health. 

On Sabbatical
Not currently accepting any new clients.

photo of Lisa Talev when she was a massage therapist


Upgrade Your Self-Care with Personalized Wellness Coaching

fitness photo of Lisa Talev


In coaching calls, I'll guide you through a holistic approach to working smarter, not  harder. This includes strategic bio-hacks, mindset shifts and dietary changes. We'll explore effective strategies for transforming stress & bad habits, detoxifying your body, improving nutrition and enhancing overall well-being. We'll even explore how to set healthy boundaries in relationships.


Finally, we'll explore navigating setbacks to maintain balance through life's ups and downs. My goal is to empower you with all the tools and strategies I have to strengthen your intuition, build resilience and make positive, lasting changes in all areas of your life.

professional headshot of Lisa Talev



Are you dealing with complex health issues related to environmental toxins like mold, heavy metals or tick-borne infections, which continuously create toxins in your body? 

Working with me, you'll discover natural ways to support your body's detox pathways while nourishing your cells with proper rest and nutrition.


Often with biotoxin illness, you have more food sensitivities and intolerances than most people, as well as a lower threshold for stress. It's critically important to identify which foods are your friends and which foods you need to avoid, as well as implementing stress relief practices to reset your nervous system daily, so your body can heal.


professional photo of Lisa Talev with nature background




Whether you struggle with emotional eating, sugar addiction, a  history of trauma or metabolic challenges like obesogenic chemical exposure, I'm dedicated to helping you work smarter, not harder, to reach your healthy-weight goals.

Our culture teaches us to be unkind to ourselves if we're unhappy with our looks. But my approach is based in a deeply loving, nurturing, spiritual self-care, which honors your body as your sacred vessel.

Weekly coaching is strongly recommended for the first 6 months. You may also want to commit to a 6 month program to make sure you create a strong foundation for transforming your body and food habits.

"Lisa is a wonderful coach. Talking with her weekly has been an important part of my life since 2018. She's helped me set healthy boundaries with difficult people and regularly helps me reframe tough situations, so they feel much more manageable. With her dynamic approach and self-care tools, she is able to guide you through all sorts of challenges, including how to protect yourself as an empath. Lisa's resources have been a life saver for me during the pandemic. She was even able to teach me self-massage techniques over Zoom that allowed me to fix my chronic pain at home. I couldn't believe what a difference this has made!"                       

 - Ashley Barber, Bridgeton, NJ

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