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Lisa Talev, holistic health coach

Working with me as your coach will improve your mindset, motivation, self-care, health and happiness. Together, we will explore concerns that are specific to you, and give you the tools and resources you’ll need to maintain a state of balance through life's ups & downs. After each call, I send you a recap of key points and resources like videos, links & recipes to help you go further on your own.


As my coaching client, you will:

  • learn to strengthen your intuition so you can be guided by your inner wisdom

  • build resilience and learn to create a felt sense of safety in your body, even after trauma

  • learn self-care tools & daily practices to restore your energy when you feel drained

  • learn to set healthy boundaries that honor your needs while respecting and appreciating others

  • understand and reduce your cravings for bad habits and addictions

  • replace bad habits with soothing self-care rituals

  • learn which supplements can end cravings and support addiction recovery

  • feel healthiermore confident and more powerful in your body

  • learn anti-aging secrets that help you look much younger than your biological age

  • improve relationships and communication, even with difficult people

  • gain a new perspective that helps you go with the flow, even when things don’t go your way

  • learn to heal from loss and grief in a way that is loving and life affirming

  • learn about detox protocols & non-toxic alternatives for household cleaning and personal care products

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